Preparing For The Hearing

Preparing For The Hearing

The Case Management Order that the Employment Tribunal Service sends you will give you the date of your hearing, this should give you plenty of time to prepare for the hearing.

The hearing is your chance to tell the judge, in person, your side of the story. Your story ideally needs to be backed up with either documentary evidence or witness evidence. The employment judge uses the evidence presented and tests it against similar situations in other employment cases. Preparation for the hearing is therefore key; and the preparation for the hearing can be broken down into two key areas: (1) witnesses and (2) documents.

Our factsheet entitled Witnesses at the Hearing explains the role of witnesses at the hearing and how to deal with them.

Our factsheet entitled Documents for the Hearing explains the role of documentation during the hearing.

We also have a factsheet entitled Witness cannot attend the hearing which sets out what you need to do in this situation.

The hearing bundle is a file or folder that contains all of the documents related to the case. It is an important aspect of preparation for the hearing. Normally the respondents compile the bundle. As an example of what to expect in a bundle we have a factsheet entitled the Bundle Index; this is a template of the front page of a bundle which can be downloaded.